Welcome to Caspian Engineering Group

From the time a project is being planned and designed, through the construction phase, on to design built, retrofit projects, HVAC service, and upgrades over time, CEG supports clients throughout the life cycle of their building systems. We employ the most up-to-date construction technologies, skills, project managers, and technical personnel to ensure we complete every project on time and on budget.

Design and Build

We can come and take measurements of your house and prepare complete “permit-ready” drawings (from scratch) showing the changes that you are planning to make. The drawings that we prepare would include all architectural, structural and building code related specifications needed as well CEG will take care of applying for and obtain a building permit for your project.

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Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Department provides the technical backbone to our projects across the entire company, no matter where it is located. We provide technical support and expert assistance in construction engineering, with the capability to stand behind that assistance with complete engineered drawings, where needed.

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Project Management

CEG maintains a supervisory staff for the project to coordinate and oversee progress of trade contractors. During construction, our team schedules progress meetings to discuss procedure, problems and deadlines and reports to you. We lead not only with individual tasks, but with the entire process.

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CEG can elevate your project to new heights

Caspian Engineering Group is committed to supporting the industry; driven by its dedication to excellence, service and integrity. View our gallery to see our past projects and projects that are currently in the works!

A company thats with you till the end.

The path to success has taken the company from its early beginnings in the low rise and Residential Developments and evolved into a leading competitor within the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors. So let’s talk and work together to make your project a reality.



CEG is dedicated to helping our clients find the right solution for their needs while making the construction process as seamless as possible.